Like you, I started life with a dream that I could make a significant impact, that I could seriously make my time on planet earth count.

During my teenage years I became wild with ambition and became successful building a non-profit organisation to inspire young people to also make the most of their lives, to dream big and to help those in need. I even lead a trip to Africa to take young people to experience orphanages and those living in slums. 

But as I got into my late 20’s I allowed the doubt, the difficulties and the struggles to diminish my dreams of achieving something more for my life. At the age of 26 years old, my marriage ended and I realised that I had settled for merely “getting by”. 

My wife walked out of the door and I googled “most quickest and painless way to die”. That night I attempted to wipe my existence off of the face of the planet. 

It took a suicide attempt as a wake up call for me to realise that we live life on planet earth once and once again I was in fast pursuit of living, leading and leaving my life changing legacy on planet earth. 

Within 3 months of attempting to take my own life I leased an island in Fiji, invited the world to become tribe members, featured in 200 media outlets and became the subject of a five part prime time TV show that aired in America, the U.K. and Australia. 

Since 2013 I have become independently successful in building a tribe of 31,000 people who are dedicated to turning their coaching, mentoring or thought leader practice into a purpose driven tribe to increase their impact and income. 

I have worked hard to build a great product, to master the skills of sales and to ensure that my clients get fantastic results which has led me to build a multiple seven figure business.

However, I have discovered that over the past 12 months I fell into the trap of “normal”, the fearlessness that I had in launching a business that became a TV show in three countries had gone….

… and now it’s time to get it back. It’s time to become unleashed.

I have committed myself to dreaming big bold dreams for my business and taking decisive action to ensure that this isn’t all talk, but that these big bold dreams become a reality. 

I have committed myself to living #2019Unleashed with some very clear big bold dreams, that I am slightly nervous to share with you, but I must.

Over the next 12 months I am going to document each and every one of these big bold business dreams and share with you the successes and failures that take place as I attempt to achieve them. 

It is my burning passion for you to dream big bold dreams for your business and execute on them to do whatever it takes to make them a reality. 

Here’s what I believe to be true…

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.”

When we have mediocre goals for our lives, then if we don’t hit those goals, we achieve far less. However, if we have big bold brave dreams for our business and we pursue them, even if we never achieve those specific dreams then we are still going to achieve far more than dreaming small dreams.

So on that note, let me share with you my 20 big bold brave dreams that I have for my business in 2019:

  • To have 1000 students in the We Build Tribes Academy 
  • To have regular We Build Tribes events taking place in communities around the world
  • To have a total of 100 clients go through my 7 Figure Tribe Unleashed Mentorship Programme
  • To create my own TV show
  • To have a best selling book
  • To launch successful podcast with over 100,000 downloads
  • To have a YouTube Channel with 5,000 subscribers 
  • To have over 100,000 people like my Facebook business page
  • To have over 50,000 people in my Million Dollar You Community Facebook Group
  • To speak and sell from 3 stages around the world 
  • To produce 365 pieces of video content utilising my Content Domination System to be shared across all my social media channels.
  • To have 10,000 instagram followers
  • To have over 20,000 LinkedIn connections
  • To read/listen to 26 books 
  • To appear in 20 mainstream media outlets 
  • To make a significant charitable impact (still to be defined!)
  • To have a big fitness goal – for the past 24 months I have walked on average 11,000 steps per day and now I am seeking to determine a big dream for 2019 in this area.
  • To complete a sold out National tour of Australia
  • To launch an Agency
  • To take my business to 8 figures
  • To launch my secret “big bold project”

My goal is to achieve all of the above whilst still having a healthy and happy relationship with my partner, my family and friends and my dog!

Everything that I do for the rest of 2018 is preparing me for these big bold brave business dreams.

As you can imagine, the dreams are the “headlines” and there is a lot that goes into making each dream happen. 

Every moment of success, every moment of failure, I will share these with you every single step of the way as I lift the lid on my business to show exactly what is possible, to inspire you, to give you insight on what to model and to inspire you to shoot for the moon… even if you do land on the stars. 

Comment below and let me know what your big brave bold dreams are for 2019.

What would these dreams be if you were to live #2019Unleashed?

Mark “Unleash Yourself” Bowness