[Calling All We Build Tribes Academy Students] Upcoming Convert Q&A Session with Mark Bowness

From Struggling To Sell To A Two Comma Club Award
Mark Bowness literally struggled to sell in his coaching services at $100 per hour, he wanted to change people’s lives but struggled with the financial ask. If Mark’s business didn’t make money not only would he be closing the doors but his self belief would have been depleted. Mark knew that he had to master the skills that would enable him to generate revenue you, help to transform people’s lives and make a bigger impact in the world.
During this live session Mark will be sharing with you the key skills that he applied to, what has now become, a multiple seven figure business. Recently Mark was awarded a Two Comma Club Award, by ClickFunnels for generating $1million USD through one funnel.
Date: 30th July @ 10am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Come with your questions, prepare to be challenged, prepare to end this session with a commitment to mastering the sales process – you, your business, your confidence and 10,000 lives depend on it.
Further session information available here: https://webuildtribes.com/live-recordings/