I am very real, raw and honest in sharing my story that at the age of 26 years old I attempted to take my own life. My marriage ended and I googled “most quickest and painless way to die”.

I didn’t google “life coach near me”, “psychologist”, “counsellor” because I didn’t know that I could get help. The next day, when I woke up in hospital, I committed myself to going all out to ensure that no one ever googled “most quickest and painless way to die again”. I made a decision to help life coaches, experts, mentors and thoughts leaders, in the belief that if I could help these people to build tribes, then we could positively impact many, many lives.

You see, it’s my belief that in a world of 7.5 Billion people, 10,000 people woke up this morning shedding private tears because they need a solution to that problem. I believe that for every coach that exists, 10,000 people, woke up this morning needing them. I am dedicated to helping every single coach to build a tribe of 10,000 people and in doings so impact millions upon millions of lives.

For that reason I have created my “Tribe of 10,000 Award” which is for those coaches who have been through my “tribe builder” content and have built a tribe of 10,000 people. Let me introduce you to them…

Blair Robinson, Life Coach

Congratulations to Blair Robinson who has one of our “Tribe of 10,000 awards” winging his way to him.

I have a passion, no a ruthless determination to help coaches to build tribes of 10,000 people so that, over the next ten years, together we can impact over 10million lives.

I have created this “Tribe of 10,000 award” for those who have followed my system to build such a tribe. Blair has built this incredible Practical Metaphysics tribe (which is now actually standing at over 40,000 people!)

Every day Blair has people reaching out to him telling them how their lives are being transformed and changed through being a part of his tribe. So, Blair, you have your tribe of 10,000 award heading your way!

Mic and Michelle Longhurst, Mountain Bike Rider Trainers

Congratulations to Mic Longhurst and Michelle Longhurst who today I awarded my“Tribe of 10,000” award.

Tribes can be build around any subject that you are passionate about. Mic and Michelle teach people to ride mountain bikes and using my system have built a tribe of over 20,000 people: We Ride Mountain Bikes.  Congratulations guys, you are making a significant impact!


And many, many more to come!