Dear Coach,

Every individual who becomes a coach does so because they passionately want to improve the lives of others, right

Usually a coach has had their own journey of transformation that has led them to discovering personal development, learning transformational tools and they now want to give back.

Having worked with over 5,000 coaches I know that one of the biggest dilemmas that coaches face is that of “what if a prospective client can’t afford if?”

They came to you for help.   

Somehow a struggling individual has found their way into your diary, to have a call with you because they believe that you are the coach to help them. But, when it comes telling your prospect how much you charge they instantly reply with “I can’t afford it”. No amount of objection handling seems to be able to change their mind.

You feel awful.

You became a coach to transform people’s lives, you HAVE to turn this into something that makes money but then you feel such a tension between charging and helping. You know that you have the tools that could seriously impact this individual’s lives…

… so what do you do?

It is my belief that if your free content is better than your competitors paid content then you will have a very successful business.

Building a Facebook Group is key. Every single day I give free value, tools and techniques in my Facebook Group “We Build Tribes” whether you are paying client or not.

Building a powerful Facebook Group gives you the ability to inform a prospect, who can’t afford your services, that can get free techniques and tools from you every day without any cost

Usually when a prospect tells you they can’t afford your services you never hear from them again. By creating a powerful Facebook Group your prospect remains in your zone of influence and once they have the money you remain the first coach on their mind because of the value you have given.

It’s a win – win for everyone.

My Facebook Group has generated multiple seven figures using this very strategy. If you would like to generate 50-70 free leads per week and build an environment that means that you never need offer your services for free and still ensure that those who can’t afford you still benefit then why not book in a call

Click here to book in your 7 Figure Facebook Group Accelerator call.

I look forward to our call,

Mark “Tribe Builder” Bowness