Have you ever run a Facebook Ad that has the conversion goal of getting people to book in a call? Yes, you may give something away in the process, a report, a checklist, an e-book, but ultimately the goal is to get the prospect to book in a call with the goal of converting into a sale. 

If you have ever run such a Facebook Ad then your conversation with your prospect may have gone something like this:

You: Hey, it’s Mark here, you booked in a call as a result of downloading my [Insert Name Of Absolutely Fabulous Free Gift]

Prospect: Sorry, who is this?

You: It’s Mark, you downloaded my [Insert Name Of Absolutely Fabulous Free Gift] as a result of a Facebook Ad.

Prospect: Sorry, I can’t remember who this is, I download heaps of stuff on Facebook.

This prospect has no idea who you are, there is no authority and so during the rest of the call you have to convince this individual of your authority before you can even discuss your product.

Even though this prospect registered to receive something of yours it is essentially still a cold sale as they have no idea who you are.

Every Individual Has A Trust Point Bank

After heaps of these calls, very early on in my business, I realised that this was never going to work and so I had to switch it up. Instead of attempting to sell, I had to give value. 

I quickly realised that every single individual has a trust point bank and in order for any brand to penetrate the defensive “don’t sell try and sell me” wall that we all put up we have to fill that trust point bank with 100 trust points before we even talk about a product.

This is why I created a tribe and launched that tribe on Facebook. In my group I…

Ran a Facebook live… 15 trust points

Ran a webinar… 20 trust points

Posted a highly valuable piece of content… 5 trust points

And as people came into my group they were getting awesome value and as a result building the “trust, like and rapport” making it far easier to convert.

The beautiful thing about my 100 trust point system is that now whenever I jump on the ‘phone to a prospect, instead of stating that they don’t know who I am, they tell me how much they loved my video, my webinar or my post and that they were looking forward to the call.

My goal, in my business, is to meet as many potential prospects as possible and keep giving value, to fill their trust point bank with 100 trust points. As I focus on filling the trust point bank, instead of trying to “make the sale”, I have built a never ending pipeline of people which, as a result, means that we get more people on the ‘phone and it’s easier to convert.

If you are tired off feeling like you are trying to “push” people into a sale all the time, give my 100 trust point system a go… and you will find that sales is easier, that you come to absolutely love selling and that as a result you will make a bigger impact.

Mark “give nothing but value” Bowness