We have all paid for programmes and have not got the results we were hoping for, right?

In fact “not getting results” is one of the biggest objections that we can face when attempting to sell in our own programmes and courses. If a client has not got results on other programmes, why would they get results on the course that you offer?

From the outset we acknowledge that the clients willingness to take action and to follow your process will be the fundamental key to their success. Many people simply don’t see results from programmes because they don’t put in the work required.

However, that aside, it is my belief that as coaches and mentors we should be focusing on creating world class programmes, the best in our fields, programmes that get results. Whilst we can’t control the input of our clients we can control the levels of support that we create to ensure that our clients get results.

With that in mind I wanted to reveal to you the 9 levels of support that I offer on my $15k, 12 month mentorship programme to ensure that I do whatever it takes to make sure that my clients can’t fail and the only way that they possibly could fail is as a result of a failure to implement.

The 9 levels of support.

The Online Learning Hub – my clients have access to over 100 hours of step by step video content that teaches them how to turn their life experience into a coaching or mentoring business, to build a tribe, to convert highly and to speak in the media and appear at events.

Private Facebook Group For Clients – The completed video homework is posted in our private Facebook Group for clients. I am personally in that group every single day responding to the homework to ensure that my clients are building their tribe and business on the right foundation.

Weekly Live Q&A – Every single week we have two live Q&A sessions (60% of my clients are overseas). During these live I personally answer every single question. These sessions can last up to 90 minutes and we don’t stop until every question has been answered.

Weekly Accountability System – Every single week my clients fill in a weekly accountability system enabling them to keep track of goals and actual results. This weekly accountability system is submitted to my team and the end of each week and comprises of a traffic light system to make us aware of any problems that are clients are facing. If our clients are struggling we have a process in place to ensure that they overcome their hurdle.

Monthly Immersion – I am constantly building tribes, in my business, with my 1:1 clients and as a result there are always new growth strategies to learn. Each month I run a live content webinar in which I teach the latest strategies, tools and resources that I am using.

Quarterly Retreat – Each quarter I run a live implementation retreat. My clients get together for two days, in a room with me and we focus on a specific growth area and take action in order to ensure that we get results.

Time with Mark – If my clients are stuck, I don’t say “too bad you are not paying me enough”. If my clients have utilised the previous aspects of support and are still struggling, they get time with me. If my team feel as though a client is struggling, they will reach out to them and book them in a call with me.

Tech Support – Tech is not everyone’s forte and so myself and my team have create specific step by step video instructions to help my clients to integrate tech into their business with little effort and much ease.

VA Training – One of the focuses of the programme is that as soon as you are making money, you focus on your genius and outsource. Not only can we suggest some incredible VA’s we also help train our clients VA’s for them.

Tools, Scripts & Templates – The goal of the programme is to provide as much plug and play support as possible and so we provide templates, tools and scripts so that the words, branding, text and logos can be changes to reflect your brand but 90% of the process is complete, making my clients lives easier.

One other important aspect to note is that my clients get me every step of the way. It is my life experience that has resulted in building a tribe that became a TV show in 3 countries, that resulted in 500 media appearances and in gaining a six figure book deal. I cannot pay someone else to teach this content as it would be a diluted version of the programme. My clients get me every step of the way.

It is these nine levels of support that have resulted in;

Kat Dunn generating $120,000 in sales in 12 weeks of the programme.
Rhys Badkin quitting his job and generating $28k in sales within four weeks of the programme.
Sagi Shreiber recently generating $14,000 in just one month

… And so many more clients getting incredible results.

My programme is constantly evolving and always improving as I have a goal to build a world class 12 month mentorship programme.

What can you take from these nine levels of support? What can you add to your client support offerings in order to ensure that your programme is the best of the best and does what it’s hear to do… to get results.

Mark “9 levels of support” Bowness