Do you sell without building trust points?

Dear Coach or Mentor,

The biggest mistake that coaches make is attempting to sell too early.

Are you an early seller?

We try and sell too early because the leads are few and far between and so we focus on the result being “the money” – we need it!

We need the money to pay next month’s mortgage, to get the kids the next gadget, to try and save for a seriously needed holiday and so we approach our clients with an energy of lack and our client feels that we are trying to “take” instead of “give”.

The Trust Point Bank

I see every individual with a trust point bank – the bank needs to be filled with 100 trust points even before we start to attempt to sell a product.

We fill the trust point bank by giving away valuable content – lead magnets, Facebook lives, quality emails – we keep filling that bank before we even talk about the product.

This giving is amplified when we do so within our own Facebook Groups which is your zone of influence that your audience come back to time and time again.

Only when the trust bank is full have we built the like, trust and rapport so that our product offering is worthy enough for that individual to even consider it!

We fill the trust point bank in a systemised and controlled way so that when you jump on a call – your prospect is ready to buy. It’s a unique process that I teach to my clients to hit an 80% conversion rate.

Every individual is bombarded with millions of sales messages every single day.

The goal for you, as a coach, is to stand out from amongst these millions of messages by filling up the trust point bank.

If you quit trying to sell at the first opportunity and build the respect of your audience by building trust you will have a quality line of individuals who will be reaching out to you every single week wanting to talk to you about your product…

… trust me, it happens in my business and in my client’s businesses every single week…

… it’s how I hit 7 Figures!

So what will it be…

.. will you continue to “do whatever it takes to get the sale”?


.. will you come up with at least 50 ways for you to build trust with your audience and as a result stand the test of time and build a 7 Figure Tribe?

Mark “Trust Builder” Bowness