I have big, huge, crazy and some would say “unachievable” goals for my business in 2019.

I am proud to say that I have built two multi-million dollar businesses. Whilst there are a whole heap of upsides to such success, the negative is that most of the work that resulted in generating 7 figures, took place by me – the lead generation, the sales, the product delivery. These businesses certainly haven’t been “passive income” businesses (and nor do I want them to be!) Over the past few months, as I have been working towards my audacious goals it has been quite clear to me that to seriously grow and scale in the way that I want to then I need to build a world class team.

Recently I have focused on finding some key talent to join my team which included the following roles.

Head Of Onboarding (Head of Sales)

I have conducted well over 3,000 sales calls personally, over the course of my business. During an 18month period I personally generated $1million in sales in my business. When you first start to build a coaching or mentoring business you are 100% focused on client delivery, lead generation and sales, but the the truth is that you can’t do it all. If you are passionate about scaling then you have to build a team and having someone to manage the sales and make sure that money is coming into the business is critical.

I focused on filling this role with someone who is young, hungry, ambitious, has the ability to sell. But, most importantly has integrity as their absolute highest value. After talking to many individuals I asked Ryan Wittman to fill this role. Ryan is absolutely committed to make the most amazing people to make a significant impact in the world and it’s an absolute honour to have him on the team. I will introduce Ryan in a more extensive post shortly.

Closers (Tribe Activators)

Bringing the right people onto my 7 Figure Tribe mentorship programme is absolutely key. I am passionate about working with clients who are dedicated to making a significant impact in the world. And, in order to achieve that goal, they have to be nothing but action takers. Choosing the right people for my mentorship programme is crucial which is why I need the right closers.

Once again I have spent many hours interviewing the right people for this role and during February I took on Daycen and Devin (it’s seriously not a requirement that your first name has to begin with “D” to be on this team!). These guys join Ryan and Chase, so that we now have a team of 4 closers as we prepare for a very big launch that is coming up shortly.


I would say that I am “okay” at writing, but I want the best. I want to upgrade all areas of my content, from blog posts, to emails, to webinar copy and so, once again, I set about finding a great copywriter. I mentioned in my last blog post I worked with a copywriter who enabled me to generate $20k in sales from an email sequence and so Marc, certainly got the job!

Graphic Designer & Videographer 

Finally, as part of my content domination strategy I am releasing one video per day across all social networks as well quote cards and images. I have worked with a number of videographers and have always struggled to find someone who truly connects with the very heart of what my work is about – authenticity, congruency and connection. That was until I met Deb.

Deb is an awesome guy who has been filming my client retreats for some time now. The feedback that I have had from my clients regarding Deb’s professionalism during filming, as well as the quality of his work during the filming and editing is absolutely unreal. As a result, I asked Deb to join me full time and he accepted.

This month I added 5 new people to my team, we are growing incredibly fast. The reason that we are growing is because my clients are getting results and more and more people want to join my programmes.

When I first started off coaching I never, ever thought that I would be running a world class coaching programme with a team of, well, at last count 16 people. During the early days such a big team was not in my thinking because it would have felt risky. As my business grows and my impact increases I am learning the truth behind the saying “with great risk, comes great reward”.

If you are a coach, business owner, entrepreneur, if there was one thing I could teach you about growing your business it would be this… take risks, take big, crazy risks. It’s only when you start doing the things that no-one else is prepared to do that you will start to hit bigger goals, achieve more, stand out from the crowd and become the “go to” in your niche.

The simple truth is, if you want to be world class, you have to take greater risks.

Mark “risk taker” Bowness

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