If you want to build a 6-7 figure coaching or mentoring business then building a tribe is a MUST.

One of the first platforms that I encourage my students to build their tribe on is Facebook Groups.

As part of the conversion process I also encourage my students to ask three questions that users have to answer prior to joining the group:

One of the most important questions to ask is if the individual would like to receive helpful tools and resources via email (i.e. – build your list). This is a fantastic opportunity to build a relationship with your audience in order to increase your leads and conversions. However, Facebook does not give you the opportunity to record this information and so a manual cut and paste job it is…. until Group Funnels came along.

With this super handy and affordable tool ($297 for a life time’s access!) Group Funnels will automagically take this information provided by the individuals requesting to join your group and instantly add them to your email system, building your list easily and effortlessly.

I encourage all of my students to use Group Funnels as it’s a time saver and a game changer.

If you are building your tribe, using Facebook Groups, it’s an absolute must for you too.

Head over to this link and secure Group Funnels for $297 for a life time’s members:

Yes, I need Group Funnels

In the interest of full disclosure this is an affiliate link (whether you purchase through this link or not, this is a list building MUST BUY!)