I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that I could build a multiple seven figure business. I saw that it was possible for many others, but for some reason, I didn’t think that I had what it takes.

This all changed. 

The past 12 months have been a wild ride. Over the past week I have taken time out to reflect and plan for next year. As a result I have discovered 3 crucial lessons that have catapulted my business to success. 

I get it, it’s Christmas, we are all busy, so let me get straight to my 3 crucial lessons from my million dollar year;

Crucial Lesson #1: Unstoppable Self Belief 

I did not believe that my business could go to the “next level” because I was focused on my limitations and not my opportunities. I have built two 7 Figure Businesses, yet, I appreciate that I still have a tendency to focus on lack, on limitations. 

Over the past 12 months I have focused on having an unstoppable self belief. 

Whenever a negative thought enters my mind I have given myself 60 seconds to make a decision

  1. Is this thought a lie?
  2. Is this a “warning’ thought – is my unconscious mind asking me to focus on something to refine and improve?

Let me give you an example;

“Mark, you have big goals for next year. If you share these goals and you fail, it will damage your credibility and your business will be over”. 

A complete lie.

Let me give you another example, 

“Mark, you are making big financial investments to grow your business. Now you want to make another huge financial investment, your business will fail.”

This is a warning designed for me to to test the accuracy of the thought and make an appropriate decision. Testing these thoughts, irrespective of the outcome, sets my business up for success. 

Making the distinction between these two thoughts enables me to focus my energy on growth and success as opposed to worry and lack.

Crucial Lesson #2: Delegate the tasks, but not the oversight. 

As entreprenuers we are too often in fast pursuit of outsourcing the tasks that we don’t enjoy so that we can focus on our genius.  This is  a strategy that I believe in, but, do not outsource the oversight of that task.

It’s your job to make sure that leads are coming into the business. A Facebook ad strategist is there to help you and offer their wisdom. But whether the Facebook Ad is performing and generating leads, is down to you. 

If you have employed a sales manager but your sales team aren’t selling, the responsibility for lack of sales is yours. 

Whoever you delegate any area of your business to, you hired that individual, their success or failure starts and ends with you. 

If leads aren’t coming in.

If sales aren’t made.

You are in control of your own business. Delegating the oversight of any area of your business will lead to failure. 

Crucial Lesson #3: Building a tribe is imperative to your success.

Building a tribe is the heart beat of my teaching. My first global tribe featured in 200 media outlets and became a TV show in 3 countries, I get building tribes. But, building a tribe is a forever thing and I am always expanding my knowledge. 

Over the past 12 months my tribe have stuck with me, thick or thin. My tribe have celebrated my successeses and my failures. My tribe have nurtured a strong, tight bond as they support one another to achieve their own success.

As my tribe grows my positioning within the industry has rapidly grown in ways that I could not imagine. 

Sitting here, at the end of 2019 I have:

  • A number of clients paying me $100,000 per year.
  • One of the best mentors in marketing and sales on the planet who has dedicated 1:1 time with me.
  • A significant passive income coming into my business
  • Been asked by a world class tennis player to build, manage and commercialise his tribe

My point is this…

In the early days, I would sit at my computer and post on Facebook with zero response. 

I built websites. 

I wrote ebooks.

I posted in other people’s groups. 


The moment I applied my tribe building principles the opportunities came.

You see, here’s the thing, the only way to build your business is to build a tribe.

Your most important focus in 2019 is to create a tribe, a movement, a journey. And learn how to give value to that tribe, every single day. You must create a home for that tribe, so that they see your message time and time again and enquire of your services. 

It will change your business. It will change your life. 

What been your crucial lessons in 2018, post a comment below and share with me so that I can learn from you. 

Mark “Lesson Lover” Bowness