Congruence is the state achieved by coming together, the state of agreement.

As passionate business owners it is all too easy to focus on the “goals” in your business and to ignore the niggling feeling of doubt – the doubt around having the wrong team member, the inner voice that is telling you that something about your product just isn’t right, the voice of concern that says you are scaling up too fast.

We have goals, vision and purpose that we want to hit, but the reality is that not listening to that inner voice that is striving for congruency, to ensure that everything is in alignment, can be damaging.

Within these posts I am passionately sharing with you the reality that I am experiencing in my business – the upfront, no holding back, honest truth.

At the beginning of 2019 I was confident of my direction which was all centred around the “Million Dollar You” brand – the idea that every individual has life experience, skills, hobby or a passion that they can turn into a million dollar business.

This is something that I believe is true and I changed the name of my 30,000 strong group to reflect this, however, it didn’t feel right.

The advice of a good friend.

I change the name of my group to “Million Dollar You” – I made the decision and I went for it.

But, I found myself going live in the group less. I posted in the group less and I couldn’t quite work out why.

It was only when I was talking to an old and dear friend that they asked me how my group was going and I explained that I had changed the name to million dollar you, they said “WHY?”.

The next question that he asked was powerful;

“Why are you talking about people making millions of dollars when all of your life experience has been centred around helping people to build tribes that shape the world?”


In that moment I realised that I had stopped posting in the group, stopping running live sessions and ceased to even want to talk about the group because it didn’t fit me.

The only way that I can explain it is the experience of going into a clothes shop – finding an item of clothing that looks awesome hanging up, you head to the changing rooms and put it on, look in the mirror, still think it looks awesome, pay for it, take it home, try it on at home and…

… it looks just bloody awful and you wondered what the heck had crossed your mind.

At the time, Million Dollar You, felt good. I didn’t think about it too much and made the change. I built a website and brand around it and realised that I was making a significant mistake!

Acting fast.

This month I knew I had made the wrong decision and I didn’t have time to loose and so I set about a plan.

Million Dollar You the group is to become “We Build Tribes”

The Million Dollar You Academy is to become the “We Build Tribes Academy”

And man, it feels good.

The plans are under way and I will update you as soon as they happen.

Are you feeling congruent in your business?

Do you have a niggling doubt, a question, or a concern about something in your business? If you do, the truth is that if you don’t address it, it will certainly cause problems later on down the track.

Congruency is the key to exponential growth. When everything feels in alignment, when everything is in flow that is when your business sky rockets.

If there is something, anything, concerning you about your business do not hesitate to click right here and ask in my group right.

Mark “complete alignment” Bowness